Here's Where 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Stands on Cannabis

Andrew Yang may be the 2020 presidential candidate best known for his commitment to universal basic income, but he's no slump on federal cannabis reform either.

Yang is one of the few 2020 candidates who has never held public office. That means that he doesn't have a track record for supporting federal cannabis bills that we can follow. However, since announcing his candidacy, Yang has been a vocal supporter of ending the federal prohibition of marijuana.

As president, Yang has committed to both removing cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, and having all minor cannabis convictions pardoned. Yang has called the criminalization of cannabis consumption and possession "stupid and racist", and sees legalization as a means to bring "justice and equity" to those impacted by marijuana prohibition.

Yang has also stated that he believes legalizing cannabis is a key step in fighting the country's ongoing opioid epidemic.

"[Cannabis is] a safer, less addictive means to manage pain for many Americans," Yang wrote on his campaign website.

While Yang's cannabis legalization plan isn't quite as well fleshed out (nor does it go as far) as some of his counterparts, the fact that he actually has one puts him ahead of others.

As Yang doesn't have a history of sponsoring or co-sponsoring any cannabis legislation, it can't be said for sure how he would choose to address federal cannabis reform if elected to office. However, the fact that he has a cannabis legalization plan and has continuously spoken about his support for legalization since beginning his campaign means he is more likely than not to lead a pro-cannabis presidency.


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