Here's What Mixing Weed With Alcohol Does To Your Body

If you've ever felt a little worse for wear after chasing a puff with a few beers, there's a reason for that. Mixing marijuana with alcohol has a different effect on the body and brain than consuming either intoxicant separately.

While liquor enhances the high of cannabis, cannabis can help offset some of the damage that a night of hard drinking can do on your liver. But drinking and toking at the same time isn't necessarily a good idea since marijuana can worsen the effects of alcohol poisoning. Here's why according to the physiology experts at the YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE.


Marijuana reform is coming to the US Virgin Islands as well as Trinidad and Tobago after both groups of Caribbean islands changed their cannabis laws recently. US Virgin IslandsThis week, the US Virgin Islands' newly elected governor Albert Bryan Jr. (D) signed a bill legalizing medical marijuana in the US territory. The legalization movement has been steadily growing in the Virgin Islands since 2014 when voters approved a referendum in favor of legalizing the substance.

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