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Here's What Was In The Cannabis Swag Bags At The 2018 Oscars

The 90th Academy Awards was a historic moment for cannabis culture, as celebs were treated to marijuana swag bags backstage at the Oscars. The cannabis freebies - which were provided by the artisanal cannabis distributor Flow Kana - included apparel, paraphernalia and, last but not least, cannabis. 

Unsurprisingly, the giveaway was a huge hit with the lucky celebs who got swag bags, which were offered to presenters and performers like (but not necessarily including) Jimmy Kimmel, Dave ChappelleMatthew McConaughey and other stars. Flow Kana couldn't tell us exactly who accepted the cannabis freebies, but they did say that there was no shortage of takers at the Oscars. 

"While we are not allowed to discuss the names of specific performers/presenters, we can say that [Academy Award] producers had texted us during the ceremony to ask if there was a way to get more gift packs, as many celebs who did not receive a box requested one," Flow Kana told Civilized. "We gifted 50 individuals and were unfortunately unable to provide more."

They added that the swag caused a huge buzz backstage during the event last February. 

"We did receive confirmation that celebs enjoyed the products throughout the evening, nothing was left behind, and it was a huge hit and source of conversation backstage." 

But the giveaway wasn't just a publicity stunt. It was also part of Flow Kana's mission to break down lingering stigmas surrounding cannabis use.

"Our presence at the Oscars helped further remove the stigma surrounding cannabis, and showed that this plant is already widely accepted for its recreational and wellness benefits," Flow Kana explained. "Additionally, our participation gave us the opportunity to showcase the highest quality, premium sun grown cannabis products grown by small craft farmers in California's Emerald Triangle."

Here's what the cannabis swag bags included.

Oscar Dressing Room Flow Kana3

Sample Strains


Grown by Emerald Spirit Botanicals, Infinity is a 4:1 CBD cross of Harlequin and OG F3 Generation. With a minty aroma, this calming flower offers relaxation and invigorating effects, making it a great anxiety-reducing strain. During a plant meditation with this strain the farmer, Katie Jeane, received an image of the lemniscate, the infinity symbol, presenting a path of energy back and forth, creating balance and harmony. This inspired Katie Jeane to restore the harmony of THC:CBD ratios in all the cannabis she and her community cultivates.

Emerald Spirit Botanicals, a certified organic family farm, pairs sustainability with spiritual connection for nourishing medicine. We grow flowers, herbs, produce and saving seed.

Elysian Gold (formerly Berry White)

Grown by Elysian Fields, Elysian Gold is a sativa-leaning cross of Blueberry and White Widow. With a sweet berry aroma, this uplifting flower has some properties that can leave consumers feeling mellow, but also with an overall sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Elysian Fields, an off-grid homestead in Mendocino County, grows local, unique strains using sustainable and Earth conscious methods passed from father to daughter.

Eighth Jar Overhead Active White Background 4.5.18 Square

Pineapple Wonder

Grown by Moon Made Farm, Pineapple Wonder is an indica dominant strain with a sweet and earthy taste. This flower gives aromas of fresh pine, juniper, black currant with subtle notes of peony blossoms and starfruit. Pineapple Wonder will gently release the body, enhance the mood and open the mind with an air of spiritual oneness.

MoonMade Farms is natural farming from seed. Feminine floral expression, guided by mountain & moon, nurtured by sun & sky, in Southern Humboldt, 2100' high.

Pre-rolled Joints


Grown by Huckleberry Hill Farm, this sativa-leaning cross of Fruit Loopz and Zkittlez. Unique to the farmer, this strain with an intense fruity aroma offers a mellow high with a sense of wellbeing that will melt away your problems and spark late night heady conversations.

Huckleberry Hill is a second generation, beyond organic farm powered by solar and rainwater. We value giving back to the community and our partnership with local veterans.

Great Success

Grown by HappyDay Farm, Great Success is a indica hybrid cross of Ogre Berry and OG Strawberry. A top ranking winner in the 2016 Emerald Cup, this flower is a gold star in your stash. With a fresh berry taste and aroma, this relaxing strain is not to be passed up.

HappyDay Farms is a diversified fish friendly family farm, using solar power and stored rainwater to produce vegetables and sun-grown cannabis from seed we save.

Lady Benbow

Grown by Lady Sativa Farm, Lady Benbow is a CBD with tropical hues and a mix of citrus and pineapple aromas. This flower has a blissful and warm effect akin to being embraced by a new love.

At Lady Sativa our mission is to make agriculture reflect a diverse and stable ecosystem. We're inspired by working in harmony with nature in everything we do.

Apparel and Paraphernalia

Other freebies included a grinder card, a Flow Kana lighter and a 'Choose' hoodie with message on the back that reads: 







Choose Hoodie3

Photo credit: Sophia Chong


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