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Here's What Tom Brady Does After Losing The Super Bowl

New England Patriots quarterback and future hall-of-famer Tom Brady has had his share of the best and worst times NFL football has to offer. He's won the Super Bowl five times, and he's also lost three times. And when his team comes up short, he deals with the heartache like any sensitive human being would.

"I cry mostly," Brady said yesterday on 'The Late Show' when host Stephen Colbert asked how he coped with disappointment.

"Did you bring any pictures?" Colbert wondered. "Because that would be a great model for young men to be able to share their feelings when they're hurt." Brady agreed. And he probably became comfortable with his emotions after going through a gauntlet of hard knocks early in his career. Although he's known one of the greatest players to ever set foot on the gridiron, Brady was also an afterthought for much of his amateur career.

"I'm not a great athlete," he confessed. "You know what, I was the backup quarterback on a freshman team that went 0-8. I was so bad, I couldn't even play on a team that went 0-8."

No doubt a lot of tears were shed over that, but they certainly didn't get in the way of him turning his career around later on. So remember: if it's okay for a five-time Super Bowl champ to cry, it's okay for you too.

Check out the full clip below.


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