Here's What Happened When People Asked Their Moms How to Microwave a Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is next Thursday, which means millions of Americans will be studying up on how to best cook a turkey. But many others are also tricking their mothers into thinking they're about to perform a turkey abomination. 

Complex tweeted out for their fans to send a text to their moms asking them how long it takes cook a turkey in the microwave and to send them the best responses. Obviously, there were a lot of great ones. Here were some of the best:

Now if you're wondering, you actually can microwave a turkey. Basically you put the turkey in a microwave oven bag with a small hole for steam to escape, put your microwave at 50 percent power and you cook it for 10 minutes per pound the turkey weights. So if you have a 10 pound turkey, you'd cook it for 100 minutes You also need to make sure the turkey rotates at all times so it cooks evenly. So if your microwave rotates automatically, you're good. Otherwise you'll need to manually rotate the turkey every 15 minutes or so.

But we definitely wouldn't recommend that.

(h/t Complex)


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