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Here’s What Cannabis Consumers Want Most From A Dispensary

Even though dispensaries may not be the most common way to buy cannabis yet, they are definitely growing in popularity. But why do people buy from them, and what are people looking for when they shop there?

Around one quarter of marijuana users primarily purchase from a dispensary, according to Civilized’s 2018 cannabis culture poll, but three quarters of Canadian and American consumers say that they would purchase from a dispensary in the future.

Here’s what they would like to see when they walk through the dispensary doors.

Higher quality products

It’s true that dispensaries offer a much better selection than your typical back-alley dealer. But 60 per cent of Canadians and and 57 per cent of Americans say that they would be even more likely to buy dispensary products if they could be assured that they were of a higher quality than you could get elsewhere.

Better prices

I mean, wouldn’t we all like better prices on just about everything? It’s no surprise that one of the things smokers want from their pot shop is a good deal. More than half of North Americans say that if dispensary prices were a little better, they might be more likely to become patrons.

Safety of products

It’s one of the biggest concerns with a number of drugs, and weed isn’t immune: when you’re buying from a dealer, you’re trusting that the product is safe and hasn’t been messed with. That’s why over half of Canadians, and just under half of Americans, say that they’d buy from a dispensary if they could confirm that the products sold were safer than what they could get on the street.

Range of products

It’s hard to carry a range of products when you’re just one person, unless you wear a trench coat and strap all your products to it like a shady watch salesman. That’s why the range of products that dispensaries sell is one of the big things consumers want to see: from edibles to different strains, tinctures and creams, a large range of products to choose from is never a bad thing.

Convenient locations

This one is actually the main reason that people who already buy from dispensaries do so. Set up shop in an area where you’re the most convenient option, and the customers will come. 47 per cent of Canadians and 49 per cent of Americans say that if the dispensary location were more convenient, that would help convince them to make their purchases there.

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