Here's How to Make Coca-Cola Like They Did in the 1880s

Ever wonder what Coca-Cola tasted like when it was invented back in 1886? Well, stop wondering and start simmering a vat of sugar water because you can now get a taste of the original batch thanks to the YouTube channel Glen & Friends Cooking.

Host Glen recently dusted off an antique cola recipe found in the handwritten notes of Coke inventor John Pemberton. We don't know if this is the exact formula that kickstarted Coke as we know it or just a prototype in the soft drink's evolution, but it's definitely closer to the original than the Coke we drink today. The only major exception is the omission of one defining ingredient.

Diehard fans of soft drinks know that Coca-Cola got it's name from the coca leaf, which is also where cocaine comes from. So it's not surprising that Glen didn't try to add that illegal ingredient to the recipe. But the batch he produced is otherwise faithful to Pemberton's notes. Check it out in the video below.


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