Mark Rober is a YouTube creator best known for producing videos on popular science, do-it-yourself gadgets, and creative ideas. One of his most recent creative ideas involves exposing the classic arcade games that are pretending to be one thing when they are in fact scams. Rober tested this theory for two months by creating a device that wins the jackpot every time you play Cyclone. At first, the device was disappointing because it wasn’t very accurate, only winning the jackpot once every thirty tries, but this led Rober to speculate further.

This variability led Rober to believe there was either an error in his machine or there was something shady going on with the arcade game itself. In order to test this theory, Rober took apart his device to find any sources of variability error, which further proved how precise his machine is. Without making any changes, Rober tested his device again on another game, but he came across the same issue. Finally after reading the game’s original manual, he discovered that the machine owner can specify how often they want a jackpot to be won, proving that the classic Cyclone arcade game is a random dice roll stacked heavily against you.