President Donald Trump likes to talk about what his massive wall along the U.S.-Mexico border will look like, but he hasn't been as clear about the costs. So Stephen Colbert decided to help out by gathering a team of experts to calculate how much it would cost to build the wall to spec.

The team of experts included an architect, an engineer, a concrete specialist and an interior designer -- because Trump promised the wall would be beautiful as well as functional. The designer said that they should budget for 100 million rolls of wallpaper to pretty up Trump's monolith. And that's only the beginning of the colossal costs that the project would accrue.

The experts estimated that the wall would have to be about 100 feet tall to match Trump's specifications, which were difficult to determine because The Donald isn't great at talking about concrete numbers. While on the campaign trail, Trump said the wall would be a "heck of a lot higher" than the 80 foot ceiling of the arena where he was speaking. So the team decided that a 'heck of a' is roughly half an 'ass-load' or 20 feet in total, making Trump's wall 100 feet tall.

To build it to spec would cost about $1 trillion in materials, labor, excavation costs and other expenses. And that's just the cost in dollars. The team estimated that it would take about 742 years to build the wall using a standard crew of 40 laborers. So to get it done during Trump's presidential term, it would take roughy 12,000 laborers, about a third of which might die from the gruelling conditions they'd face in order to finish building the wall on time. 

On top of that, additional expenses involved in the project would make the cost skyrocket to $2 trillion. Find out why in this clip, which ends with Colbert calling Mexico's consulate and asking them to pony up the cash.