Appearing on yesterday's episode of The Tonight Show, everyone’s favourite laid-back superstar Matthew McConaughey related how he landed himself a role as the Creative Director of bourbon producer Wild Turkey.

Over the last couple years, Wild Turkey has sent the actor a suite of pint-sized prototypes of new distillations. McConaughey’s job, which he jokingly referred to as his "sweat equity," was to test these samples and provide feedback until they concocted one that he felt was worthy to release for bourbon connoisseurs such as himself.

Two years and 88 bottles later, they finally hit on it.

"On my birthday, a couple years ago, I was with my wife, and we were down to like, the 88th bottle," he explained. "I had it, and it was it. I said that’s it."

In return, the Kentucky-based company hired him on as a liquor exec. We guess one man’s lush is another brand’s "creative director."

Watch the clip below.