Here's How Many Cannabis Consumers There Are in Canada

Recent data published by Statistics Canada reveals how many marijuana consumers there are in Canada. According to the federal statistics office, nearly one in six Canadians (15.4 percent) have consumed cannabis over the past three months. That amounts to roughly 5,698,000 Canadians - more than the entire population of British Columbia. 

The Stats Can figure shows a slight uptick from previous studies that suggested 13 percent of Canadians consumed cannabis.

Cannabis consumption still tends to be quite divided between genders in Canada. Men are almost twice as likely to enjoy a puff than women reports Stats Can (19.4 percent of men vs 11.3 percent of women). But the market is driven by young people: the largest demo of cannabis consumers are people under 35. Youths between 15 to 24 were the most likely to consume cannabis, with 27.4 percent reporting they had smoked up over the past three months. That number will definitely raise concern in the federal government since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised the cannabis legalization would reduce underage cannabis use in Canada.

Those aged 25 to 34 came in second place with 23.2 percent saying they've consumed cannabis in the last three months. Older Canadians still tend to lag behind: only 5.2 percent of people in the over-65 crowd admit to consuming cannabis in the past three months.

Those number could change drastically within the next year as the introduction of new products like marijuana edibles to the legal market this fall is sure to shake up the new industry.

H/T: The Motley Fool


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