Here Are Anthony Bourdain's Three Simple Rules for the Perfect Burger

Looking to impress your friends (or simply satisfy your own carnivorous cravings) with the perfect burger?

Consider taking a page from celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who outlines three surprisingly basic tips for creating your best burger ever in a new video from the Tech Insider Youtube channel.

So what exactly goes into your best burger ever? The answer is simple (and should stay that way), according to Bourdain:

1)   “A classic, soft, squishy potato bun”;

2)   “A hunk of well-ground, good-quality beef,” and;

3)   “More often that not, processed, meltable cheese.”

This recipe shouldn’t be overcomplicated, advises Bourdain, who sagely offers that “in an ideal world, you should be able to eat a hamburger with one hand and get a representative chunk of all the elements.”

Bourdain adds that he approves of two condiments on your best burger ever and two condiments alone: Ketchup and “mayonnaise if you insist.”

The best way to judge whether you’ve gone overboard when it comes to toppings of any kind, according to Bourdain, is to ask yourself whether you’ve measurably improved on the classic burger model.

"Is this thing I'm doing to this perfectly good, classic dish — is it making it better? It might make it more entertaining. It might dazzle people and say 'Oh look how clever he is." You might deconstruct it in a way that impresses people, or delights them, or astounds them... but does it make it better?"

Be sure to ask yourself this question next time you’re angling to dazzle your loved ones (or your own taste buds) with your meat-sandwich-making abilities – and remember that when it comes to a Bourdain-approved burger, less is probably more.

h/t Tech Insider.


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