Here Is the Top Rated Movie in Every Country

Every country has unique tastes in movies, but is it possible that there are certain movies that transcend national boundaries?

Mental Floss gathered data from IMDB to figure out the highest rated movie from every country in the world. Hypothetically, the highest rated movie would also be the movie these country's consider the best, assuming that the IMDB audience is reflective of the country's population. Here's a look at the results:

favorite movie from every country

It may be hard to see some of the countries, primarily the smaller ones. But here are some of the more interesting results.

The United States chose The Shawshank Redemption as its number one movie, which is a fine choice although it's not even the best movie from the year it came out (Pulp Fiction). Another solid choice is Germany taking Fight Club, although I think that choice says a lot about that country.

A few big blockbusters made the list as the United Kingdom chose The Dark Knight as its highest rated movie and the Bahamas chose Casino Royale.

A lot of countries chose movies made within their borders, probably the most famous being Oldboy from South Korea. There was no movie available for North Korea.

I think the weirdest selection on the list has to be Canada with Punjab 1984. It's an Indian movie about an insurgency in Punjab, a region in India, and it was critically acclaimed. But I guess I just naturally assumed Canada would pick something like The Mighty Ducks or something about hockey.

(h/t Mental Floss)


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