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Here Are The Top 10 Nicknames For Marijuana

You can smoke it, vape it, eat it, drink it, or rub it on your skin, but what do you call it? To find out, we teamed up with PSB Research this year to survey over 1,600 North Americans for the 2018 Civilized Culture Poll. 

Here are the top nicknames for marijuana.

10. Grass

A surprising 28 percent of American consumers and 30 percent of Canadians use this '60s slang for cannabis. But try not to let it slip out in the UK, where the term is also used to refer to someone who snitches to the cops.

9. Blunt

Surprisingly, blunt makes the list of terms, but not joint? They are both different ways of smoking, but it seems that people either prefer to smoke blunts over joints, or they don’t know that a blunt isn’t actually a slang term for cannabis, but actually a hollowed out cigar filled with the stuff. Either way, just over a quarter (29 percent) of Americans and 16 percent of Canadians use this word from time to time.

8. Reefer

To me, the term “reefer” conjures up images of ‘70s hippies on surfboards in California, but apparently the term is still alive and well today. Almost one third (30 percent) of American consumers and 1-in-5 Canadians (20 percent) use the old-timey term for marijuana.

Fun fact: apparently the term comes from a Mexican slang term for someone stoned: “grifo”. It means tangled or frizzy - the way your mind gets on marijuana, I guess? Anyway, it fused to “greefo” then “reefer”, and now here we are today.

7. Mary Jane

Almost one third (30 percent) of American consumers and just over a quarter (26 percent) of Canadians call marijuana Mary Jane, which is also popular with British singers from The Beatles to Ed Sheeran

6. Ganja

While most people associate the term “ganja” with Rastafarianism and Caribbean culture, the term is actually much older than that. It actually comes from the Sanskrit, more specifically, the Ganges River in India. When the British Empire brought slaves from India to work on plantations in the Caribbean, specifically, Jamaica, the link was born.

Nowadays, it isn’t the most popular word for marijuana, but people definitely still know what it means. Just over one quarter of Canadians (26 percent) and Americans (30 percent) say it’s a term they use regularly to refer to cannabis.

5. Herb

Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, cannabis. All herbs you can cook with. It’s uncertain when the term became synonymous with marijuana, but one third of American consumers (33 percent) and over a quarter of Canadians (27 percent) use herb as a cannabis synonym.

4. Dope

It’s hard to pin down when this one became a slang term for marijuana, or why, but one popular opinion is because of the way marijuana makes you act: a little bit dopey. Regardless, people have taken note of the term: 34 per cent of Americans and 40 per cent of Canadians commonly use this one.

3. Bud

“Hey bud, you got any buds?” This term is generally used to refer to the dried, consumable part of the cannabis plant, and it’s pretty popular. Almost half (43 percent) of American cannabis users and over a third (34 percent) of Canadians refer to the herb as bud from time to time.

2. Pot

Unsurprisingly for anyone who's been called a pothead, the second-most common slang term for cannabis is pot, which 56 percent of American consumers and 60 percent of Canadians use as a cannabis synonym. 

1. Weed

And, of course, the most popular term is weed. Almost three quarters of both Americans (71 percent) and Canadians (74 percent) use this term to refer to marijuana. I guess because it grows like a weed? Who knows.

Honorary mentions go to: broccoli, catnip, dutch, and dank. Whoever uses those must've seen the Canadian government’s official list of cannabis slang before it was taken down.


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