Here Are the Most Common Crimes in Countries Around the World

Millions of crimes are committed every year all across the world, regardless of the city or country. To much surprise, the most common crimes are similar in every country, with almost crime-free Japan and India’s crimes against women being the exceptions. Globally, theft is the most common crime, followed by assault and vehicle crimes. The overall numbers and statistics vary depending on the country, though most crimes are not reported.

Common Crimes in the US and Abroad

The United States is known for having the largest prison population in the world, partly because one in three adult Americans have a criminal record, though not all are convicted. Felonies are committed every few seconds in the United States, the most common of which is theft and larceny, accounting for 60% of all crimes. The United States’ neighbor Canada is very similar, because the top crime is also theft, followed by assault and breaking and entering. In the UK, fraud and cyber offenses are also common, as one in ten people are affected. The exception is Japan, where these crimes aren’t an issue because the country is known for having very few instances. Unfortunately, the most common crime in Japan is domestic abuse because one in four Japanese women are physically abused by their partners, but they aren’t reported. Hopefully now more women and victims will come forward to report more crimes to prevent more instances in the future.


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