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Here Are Manitoba's Cannabis Regulations

Cannabis legalization in Canada may just be three short weeks away, but some provinces have yet to make their regulations official. Here's what we know about Manitoba's cannabis laws so far.

Where to Get it

Manitoba will be making use of a public/private hybrid model. All licensed private cannabis retailers will have to get their supply from the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation, which will handle all of the distribution.

Currently, Manitoba has licensed three retailers. They are National Access Cannabis, Garden Variety and a partnership between Delta 9 Cannabis inc. and Canopy Growth Corporation. As of October 17, Delta 9 will have one store operational and National Access Cannabis will have three. Garden Variety claims they won't have any retail locations open until later this year.

While this doesn't present a whole lot of options for shoppers on day one, Manitoba Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade Blaine Pedersen said the province hopes to have a dispensary within a 30-minute drive of 90 percent of residents within the next two years. And as the province has implemented a ban on home grow, the only legal way to get your stuff will be through one of these retail locations. If you are caught growing you could be slapped with a fine of C$2,542.

The personal possession limit is set to 30 grams, meaning individuals won't be able to buy more than 30 grams of cannabis at a time. Stores will not be allowed to operate between midnight and 8am and cannot serve anyone under the age of 19.

Where to Use it

Smoking in public will be strictly prohibited, so no smoking on streets, sidewalks, in parks, etc. People looking to consume the newly legalized substance will have to do so on private property. Smoking outside on your privately owned property is OK. Fines for public consumption will be set at C$672.

However, it's unclear what this will mean for apartment residents who live in buildings with smoking bans. In these cases people looking to smoke some weed won't have many options as to where they consume it and may have to rely on other smokeless options.

Speaking of smokeless options, cannabis edibles will not be available for sale until some time next year, but there are no laws in place that would prevent you from baking your own in the province. Edibles will be banned in vehicles, boats and schools.

Driving With It

Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal under federal laws and that won't be any different in Manitoba. Fines for impaired driving will be up to C$1,000.

If you are transporting cannabis in a car, it must kept in a place that is inaccessible to the vehicle passengers, such as the trunk. Taxi or bus passengers will be allowed to carry cannabis on their person, but the operators of those vehicles will not.

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