Helen Mirren's Advice For Surviving A Publicity Tour? 'Marijuana, Darling'

In a recent New Yorker piece, writer Michael Schulman follows acting titans Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren as they ferry around New York City, doing the morning show circuit to promote their new movie 'The Leisure Seeker'.

It's a fun piece to read, especially if you've ever wanted to ride along with two of the most distinguished actors ever. But one detail in particular stands out. Behold: Dame Helen Mirren's advice on how to stay rested while you're doing a publicity tour.

Their next appointment was at Sirius XM. “The thing about these morning shows is you arrive and you’re half dead,” Mirren said in the car. “You walk in and they’re like greyhounds, going a thousand miles a minute.” She had managed to sleep seven hours.

“See, I can’t do that,” Sutherland said.

“Marijuana, darling,” she advised. “That would help.”

Is she serious, or is it a bit of tongue-in-cheek joshing? Either way, it's solid advice. Of course, Donald Sutherland has a bit of experience with marijuana - he famously played a pot-smoking prof in 'National Lampoon's Animal House'.

And this detail, which didn't make it into the story, is too good to ignore:

Okay everyone, it's official: Marijuana has five syllables now. 

h/t The New Yorker


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