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The 'Mary Kay Of Mary Jay' Introduces You To Cannabis In The Comfort Of Home

Imagine your grandparents walking into a cannabis dispensary for the first time.

Maybe they're seeking an alternative to prescription pain meds, or a different way to unwind at the end of the day. Maybe they're simply “canna-curious.”

Whatever they're there for, there’s a good chance the experience is going to be more than a little overwhelming.

Enter Healthy Headie Lifestyle.

“Cannabis is a new thing for a lot of people… those who have never used it can be completely blown away by [a dispensary] experience because it’s not like an Apple-esque store or a Starbucks,” said CEO and founder Holly Alberti.

Healthy Headie is a Massachusetts-based social sales company focused on creating “low barriers to entry” into the cannabis space that make for “digestible, unintimidating” first-time experiences.

And what better place for a comfortable first time introduction to cannabis than your own home?

Healthy Headie consultants will introduce you, your grandma, and any other open-minded individuals in your circle to the world of cannabis in your own living room; a lot like those Tupperware parties your mom used to throw, except with vape pens in lieu of sandwich containers.  

“We’ve been called the ‘Mary Kay of Mary Jay,” Alberti told Civilized.

“We’re already disrupting a lot of things; why not disrupt the multi-level marketing and direct selling space?”

Healthy Headie offers one-on-one consults

Healthy Headie Guy

Healthy Headie offers both one-on-one consultations (for those high-profile clients – think lawyers or local politicians – who may be extra cautious about coming out of the canna-closet) and group events typically totalling about half a dozen people.

“We [mostly] see a high range of females from 35 years old to early 60s, along with a lot of seniors and baby boomers,” said Alberti.

“We also see a lot of adult-age children bringing their parents… it’s really beautiful.”  

Both consultation formats offer an information segment detailing “Cannabis 101”, where consultants teach participants about the various cannabis products represented by the company, and a direct sales portion where participants can make purchases “right there… in a comfortable and secure space.”

From vaporizers by leading brands like PAX to smell-proof stash containers from up-and-coming cannabis companies (and everything in between), the products available through a Healthy Headie event are all “the cream of the crop,” according to Alberti.

“There are thousands of different tools, gadgets and gizmos out there. We weed through all the shit out there and curate a product line-up… which is different from other multi-level marketing companies because we’re representing other companies’ products,” said Alberti.

“All of these devices we’ve actually tried and used ourselves… We represent the best of the best.”

Healthy Headie has representatives in Massachusetts (where they launched in 2014), California, Colorado, Alaska and Michigan. While their efforts are currently concentrated in the Golden State, Alberti said the company will be “expanding organically.” And with four new states having just signed on to legalize recreational cannabis use in the November 8 election, Alberti has high hopes.

“I feel that everyone should have safe and equal access [to cannabis and cannabis products],” she said. “We’re just trying to put more information into the hands of individuals.”

Banner and inside photos taken by Sam Campbell for Healthy Headie.


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