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Health Experts Say Uber and Netflix Are Making You Fat

We often hear that technology will eventually lead to mankind sitting on the couch using their phones all day and never getting exercise. And apparently some health experts say that's already happening.

A new survey on weight loss found that 88 percent of Americans said they move around less thanks to increased time looking at various screens (phone and TV), while another 80 percent of Americans blamed on-demand meal delivery, ride-sharing services, or shopping apps. Basically, Americans say they're gaining weight thanks to Uber, Netflix and Postmates.

Medical professionals who were surveyed also said they believe that modern technology has had a negative effect on health. However, they also noted that many of these modern conveniences are necessary for people because they already live busy lives. 77 percent of physicians surveyed said they agreed it's harder for current generations to stay healthy than in the past due to busy lifestyles.

One doctor involved in the survey noted that most approaches to weight loss are fairly similar to how they were decades ago, but meanwhile the lifestyles of Americans are changing. He said that weight-loss strategies should be re-evaluated for modern lifestyles.

Maybe someone will make an app for that!

(h/t Fast Company)


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