Health Canada Reveals Key Areas Trudeau Must Focus On Before Legalization

According to a report published March 5, 2016 by the Canadian Press, Health Canada has flagged nine major areas to the federal government when it comes to their promise to legalize recreational cannabis in Canada.

The points were made as part of a ministerial briefing presentation from November 2015 called "Legalizing & Regulating Marijuana". They were part of documents released to The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.

The Canadian Press reports that some of the information in the briefing was withheld from release. But it does include nine distinct areas that cover a variety of concerns from marijuana usage rates among young people, to the known health benefits of medical marijuana.

According to The Canadian Press, the document goes beyond just health issues and delves into law enforcement, the role of provincial and territorial governments, and the international legal framework of United Nations treaties which has already been widely flagged.

Information on jurisdictions that have already legalized recreational cannabis such as Colorado and Uruguay also made the briefing.

h/t The Canadian Press


Most people know that to consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a car is very dangerous — not just for the driver and passengers, but for anyone else sharing the road. For cannabis consumers, however, understanding levels of impairment is not so straightforward. To date, there is not yet a technology used by law enforcement that can accurately detect cannabis impairment similar to alcohol breathalyzers.

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