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The Haze Dual V3 Review: Double The Bowls, Double The Fun

Lately, portable vaporizer design seems to tend towards an iPod-like sleekness and minimalism. In this context, the Haze Dual V3 sticks out like a Hummer at a SmartCar convention. But what the Haze lacks in overall sexiness, it more than makes up for in user choice and quality.

When you first take the unit out of its (rather large) box, you'll need to charge up one of two removable batteries. Once the full battery is installed, you flip up a hinged door on the front of the unit, where you'll find two bowls, each roomy enough for a satisfying sesh but shallow enough to be easily cleaned.

But wait! Before putting your favorite strain in, you'll need to insert one of the included cans or screens into the bowls. Want to enjoy a puff or two while sitting at home? Insert a screen - one's optimized for convection heating, the other for conduction - your choice. Want to go out on the town? You can pre-pack two cans with dry herbs or waxes and other concentrates. Atop all this, a button on the top switches between four temperature settings (approximately 365F, 380F, 390F and 415F).

There are a lot of possible configurations at play - variety is the name of the game here. If you're coming from a "simpler" vaporizer - one button, one temperature - it can be a bit baffling at first. The cans, for instance, are small and easy to lose, and the wire mesh convection screens had some seriously sharp edges.

Another design flaw: You can store one mouthpiece in the unit itself for easy transport. However, it's stored right underneath the switch on the top of the unit, so you actually have to turn the Haze on in order to retrieve it. Moreover, once you've used the unit a few times and resin has started to build, it can be a real pain to pull it out. Especially when you're at a beach party and you end up using a car key to pry out the mouthpiece and access the sweet sweet vapor within.

But none of these little hiccups killed the buzz. The pros far outweighed the cons. Think of it this way: if the Pax and its ilk are like MacBooks, the Haze is like a big ol' gaming PC - a bit clunky, yet undeniably powerful.

The build quality is generally sturdy. Your herbs are evenly and consistently heated, resulting in a smooth, effective vapor. The battery life is solid, and the charging cradle means that you won't be stuck waiting for a fresh one. The mouthpieces (glass or metal, your choice) are high-quality, and don't corrupt the flavor of your cannabis.

So while we had some initial reservations, we grew to love the Haze dual bowl system. It feels genuinely portable - two bowls means you don't have to stop, grind and reload your bud of choice when you finish a sesh. Give it a try. It'll grow on you.


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