Hawaii's Largest Island Has No Dispensaries One Year After Medical Sales Were Legalized

Last year Hawaii officially legalized medical marijuana sales, but if you live on the largest island in the state, you may not know that's the case.

Hawaii Island, the largest of Hawaii's islands in terms of area and the second largest in terms of population, still does not have a medical marijuana dispensary. Hawaii Island has the second most medical marijuana users in the state behind Oahu, and yet there are no dispensaries available for people living on the island.

This isn't entirely anyone's fault. There are several factors that have proved problematic. One is that a proposed site for a medical marijuana dispensary lacked access to a water supply that could be used for firefighters in case of an emergency. And while dispensaries are finding it difficult to find a proper location, the Hawaii Island local government is also not allowing these cannabis companies to cultivate their own marijuana, which is problematic for a dispensary located ON AN ISLAND.

The two companies who have permission to open locations on Hawaii Island still don't know when they'll be officially open for business, but one company hopes it will happen in the next six months.

Until then, the people of Hawaii Island will have to keep travelling to the other islands to access their legal right to cannabis.

(h/t US News and World Report)


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