Haven't Received Your Merry Jane Invite Yet? Here's What You're Missing

Update: This story was written and published in the weeks before Merry Jane was made public. You can, of course, now visit Merry Jane without a special invitation.

Snoop Dogg's cannabis culture site, Merry Jane, is still in beta - only 420 people will purportedly be given access to the site each day until its official launch later this month.

We recently got our invite: here's a bit of what you can expect whenever yours finally arrives.

Basically, all things cannabis - news, tech, and where the plant is showing up in the entertainment world

There's a food section with some easy to follow instructions

They're doing the usual stories all the cannabis sites are doing lately

We ran our own story on cannabis nuptials not so long ago.

There's a dispensary directory, sort of like Weedmaps delivers

And under 'goods', you can use their index of strain information to select a strain that might suit you best



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