Fairness Rocks: Harry Shearer Says The Spinal Tap Creators Deserve A Better Deal

Allegations that creators get a raw deal from the corporations who control their works are not new, but 72-year-old acting legend Harry Shearer hopes a new campaign can have a big impact.

Shearer has launched a new website called Fairness Rocks, and is pursuing legal action against Vivendi S.A., Studio Canal, and Studio Canal manager Ron Halpern in regards to the rights and earnings related to the last few decades of the Spinal Tap project he co-created along with Christopher Guest and Michael McKean.

But Shearer says the motivation behind the website and the campaign are more far-reaching than just his own legal pursuits. Beyond just listing what Shearer sees as the facts surrounding his own case, the website lists other resources and information for anyone campaigning for creators' rights.

Shearer alleges that the creators of Spinal Tap have been given a raw deal, including allegations that he and other creators of the film have been told global sales of the Spinal Tap soundtrack have totalled just $98, and that the share of merchandising sales for creators has amounted to just $81 between them.

Shearer lays out the basics of his own reasons for starting this campaign in a video, which you can watch below. You can also read the full legal case on the Fairness Rocks website

And if you need a Spinal Tap fix after that, here is Spinal Tap's complete show live from Royal Albert Hall in 1992. Let's hope Shearer, Guest, and McKean at least get a healthy cut of the ad revenue.


Banner Image: Harry Shearer downloadable image from the Fairness Rocks website.


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