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These Fictional Presidents Could Teach The 2016 Candidates A Lesson

During an election year, Americans have to seriously consider what makes a good president. Pop culture offers a number of great examples, so we've put together a list of the six best along with what presidential hopefuls could learn from each role model.

President Beck, Deep Impact

If there's one thing all of the 2016 candidates have in common, it's that they don't have a calming voice for consoling and inspiring Americans when the country faces adversity. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump could hone their bedside manner by studying the mannerisms of Morgan Freeman, who can make you feel warm and cozy about your own destruction.

President Muffley, Dr. Strangelove

If Donald Trump becomes president, one thing's certain: America will lose allies every time The Donald loses his temper. The ideal commander-in-chief should learn from Peter Sellers and stay cool under pressure - even when talking to a drunk and hysterical world leader about the earth's imminent nuclear annihilation:

President Marshall, Air Force One

Diplomacy is important. But a good president should be ready to negotiate with his fists when national security's on the line. While hitting the hustings, candidates might also want to hit the gym to show they can handle hostile negotiations like Harrison Ford.

President Bartlet, The West Wing

A president who can brawl with rhetoric is handy too. Ted Cruz, John Kasich and the other candidates should learn from Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen), who can fence with barbed words better than anyone.

President Kang, The Simpsons

The 2016 election could make history by giving us the first president who's female (Clinton), jewish (Sanders) or Canadian-born (Cruz). All these firsts make you wonder when we'll have the first non-human commander-in-chief. Sadly, the most prominent alien prez in pop culture so far is President Kang, whose pro-human-slavery mandate made him highly unpopular. But at least he set a good example for other alien invaders by taking over America democratically.

President Whitmore, Independence Day

But when hostile extra terrestrials do come, it'd be better to have a commander-in-chief who can lead the human resistance and declare galactic independence. The 2016 candidates should take note of Bill Pullman's example and prepare a stellar stump speech in case Earth comes under attack during the primaries.

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