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Happy Third Birthday, Civilized

Three years ago, Civilized was born.

At the time, launching a cannabis media and lifestyle brand was a controversial idea. But we knew an audience existed; one whose lifestyle wasn’t being represented in broader culture.

We were on to something.

Shifting attitudes toward cannabis began leading to policy change. Since launch day in 2015, we've seen eight states legalize medical cannabis and five have legalized recreational use, bringing the total number of legal states to 31 and nine, respectively. And next month, Canada will become the second country in the world to allow recreational cannabis.

These changes have meant that more people are more comfortable talking about their consumption. They want to live more authentic lives. To break-free of the cannabis closet that prohibition had built.

Civilized has supported that emerging and relevant conversation.

Our growth has been swift. Today, we reach upwards of 3 million visitors each month through, connect regularly with industry leaders through flagship conferences like our very own World Cannabis Congress, and engage directly with our audience at fan-facing events across the continent.

Others have followed our lead into this new and exciting space. Together, with other cannabis-focused media outlets, we are working to educate and highlight the changing face of cannabis.

We’ve built huge followings. The sheer magnitude of this tribe has, in part, expedited the arrival of the modern, responsible cannabis culture we’re seeing today.

Apologies for the cliché, but we couldn’t have done it without the Civilized team, which includes a lot of people - employees, investors, supporters, friends, family and our audience. You’ve made us what we are today. Thank you.

This fall, as we mark our third anniversary, we’re looking forward to what’s to come.

Just as we couldn’t have predicted the rapid social change that’s happened over the last three years, who knows where we’ll be in the next three?

We’re hopeful we’ll continue to see perceptions change and stigmas fall away, as well as a more progressive and consistent approach to cannabis regulation around the world – which will foster meaningful social change and economic development.

And we are forever grateful and appreciative that we’ll do it together.

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