Pot Quiz: What Late-Night Host Celebrates His Birthday Friday?

It was Jimmy Kimmel's birthday Friday, although he may have celebrated enough earlier this week when he topped Colbert in the ratings for the first time. Since his ABC late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! launched in 2003, the host has never shied away from discussing cannabis on the show.

He once commemorated the 420 holiday with streeter interviews about personal marijuana use. He conducted a Pot Quiz poking fun at stereotypical cannabis users. More recently he had a serious discussion about legalization with Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

And he doesn't just talk cannabis, he also reportedly showed off his "vacuum-sealed baggie bulging with buds the size of baby Brussels sprouts" during a 2013 Rolling Stone interview.

Earlier this year, the subject came up again on the show again when Billy Crystal shared a great story about smoking with is grandfather.

h/t Rolling Stone, CNN.


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