Coffee Not Cutting It? Try The 'Hangover Cure' Created By These Yale Students

Nothing puts a damper on a great night like the promise of a terrible morning.

Two Yale University students believe they may have come up with a solution – and it isn’t lying in the fetal position under a steady stream of hot water all morning.

Seniors Liam McClintock and Margaret Morse say they’ve found an “all natural” cure for hangovers with the help of Yale alumni, professors and a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Intended for consumption prior to drinking alcohol, SunUp is a natural citrus-flavored powder supplement that dissolves in water.

According to the group’s Indiegogo crowdsourcing page, the drink’s ingredients (which include essential nutrients like Vitamin C, green tea extract and mung bean powder) are geared toward fighting alcohol toxicity and balancing glutamine levels while counteracting immunological disturbances.

A video posted to the Indiegogo page claims that each ingredient has undergone “independent studies showing that they increase the rate of alcohol clearance and act as a defense against alcohol toxicity, but they’ve never been combined into one supplement.”

"I've tried all the so-called magic hangover cures, but nothing's very effective. They're like slapping a bandaid on the wound after the damage has already occurred, instead of preventing the damage in the first place," says McClintock in the video. "That's why Maggie and I teamed up to create the best defense to a hangover, backed by science."


McClintock and Morse have already raised 130 per cent of their $20,000 Indiegogo goal, money they say will go toward their pharmaceutical manufacturer.

You can pledge $5 for a packet of SunUp to see for yourself whether it really beats a steamy shower and a full pot of coffee – or, our (obvious) personal favorite, a freshly packed bowl.

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