Gwyneth Paltrow’s Wellness Brand Goop Health Is Entering The Cannabis Industry

Actor Gwyneth Paltrow is the latest celebrity to enter the cannabis industry. The staple of the MCU movies recently announced that her wellness brand Goop Health has entered a partnership with the American dispensary chain MedMen. Paltrow will now be promoting cannabis products directed towards women.

Paltrow hasn't entered the cannabis space in the way that some other celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg havecreating and marketing her own line of products. Instead, Paltrow's Goop Health will be acting more as a promotion platform for a selection of cannabis products. MedMen stores will feature a Goop section where all of the Paltrow-approved products will be displayed. The cannabis retail chain also sponsored Paltrow's recent Goop Health event.

Curious customers will find products ranging from Kikiko's cannabis teas, to Kusk Queen's CBD bath bombs and Beboe vaporizers. The Goop website will also feature editorial content on the potential health benefits of cannabis consumption.

And while you probably won't be seeing the Pepper Potts actor lighting up on screen any time soon, she once told Howard Stern that she "sometimes" smokes weed. We just hope she doesn't make any really crazy claims about cannabis.

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