With the invention of the Internet and YouTube, stoners realized they needed to step up their bong game. No longer would the traditional bong do. They needed the craziest and wackiest ones imaginable to make an impression. But one man may have found the best bong use on the Internet yet.

Eric Mercer is a cannabis industry worker from Maine who's grown a following on YouTube and Instagram for some of his crazy bong creations or unusual methods for consuming cannabis. But his most recent invention may be the best yet. Mercer put a bong on top of a drone and then took a hit while remote piloting the drone. Mercer then uploaded his success onto Reddit. Take a look:

Besides how awesome the stunt is, you also have to appreciate the dog in the background just chilling out while watching the whole thing.

This actually isn't even Mercer's first drone related venture. Earlier this year he also took a hit from a joint delivered by a mini-drone.

So basically, this guy is going to look way cooler than you when smoking weed.

Check out Mercer's YouTube channel and Instagram for more of his stunts.

(h/t Reddit)

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