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Guy Gets Removed From Trump Speech for Shocked Facial Expressions

We know Donald Trump's shtick (my polite way of saying "his bull****) isn't resonating with most Americans. But apparently it's not even resonating with his own fans either.

Trump held a rally in Montana yesterday where he did his usual thing of defending his presidency, attacking people who are investigating Russian interference in our election and bringing up Hillary Clinton. While it was mostly usual Trump stuff, one man in the background during the speech went viral for his reactions to what the president was saying.

At one point, Trump talked about how the White House has picked up a lot of support from the American people over the last two years, and the guy is seen in the background mouthing, "Have you?"

At another point, Trump began talking about how it's harder to win the Electoral College in a presidential election than the popular vote, and began criticizing Hillary for not figuring that out. The man in the background had the most shocked expression on his face:

But the thing that really took plaid shirt guy from amusing fodder to viral sensation is that the Trump team actually sent a staff member over to remove him from his spot behind the president. Take a look:

Ironically, it turns out plaid shirt guy wasn't the only person who wasn't considered worthy of standing behind the president. The people standing next to plaid shirt guy were also removed later in the speech:

It's probably not a good sign for the Republican Party if even people who are willing to attend a Trump rally are getting tired of his nonsense.

(h/t Buzzfeed)


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