Guy Drops Engagement Ring Down Sewer Grate While Proposing

When asking someone to marry you, there are a number of ways it could go wrong. But you never expect that the way it goes wrong is dropping the ring down a sewer grate.

Over the weekend, a video went viral showing a man in New York City who proposed to his girlfriend in Times Square. However, when he went to put the ring on her finger, it slipped off and fell down a utility grate. Here's a look at the video:

The couple supposedly flagged a few officers in the area, but they were unable to get the ring. The botched proposal happened on Friday, but different officers returned Saturday morning to recover the ring and were successful. They then sent video of the proposal out to help identify and find the couple.

The couple was eventually identified as John Drennan and Daniella Anthony, who are from the United Kingdom. The police did eventually get in contact with them and the ring was re-delivered successfully.

And now every person who's planning a proposal in the near future is going to make sure they're nowhere near any sewer grates or other openings in the ground.

(h/t Washington Post)


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