Guy Breaks His Friend's TV Using Virtual Reality for the First Time

Virtual Reality is a computer technology that uses virtual reality headsets to create realistic images, sounds, and other sensations that simulate a user’s presence in a virtual environment. While in the virtual reality world, users can “look around” in high quality, while interacting with objects and people that they come in contact with. Even though this technology allows users to physically play inside their game or world that they’ve created, some people can’t handle how realistic the experience feels and looks.

For these users, virtual reality can be scary when they experience the game and world for the first time. For one first-time user, the experience was particularly scary when he stepped into the game atop a skyscraper overlooking the city, which was immediately an issue for him because in real life, he is afraid of heights. Even though he was just playing a virtual reality game, as the user slowly walked across atop building to complete his task, he couldn’t control his fear of heights. When the game eventually became too intense the user ran back in fear, but instead of running back onto the “building”, he ran into his friend’s TV. In the process, he accidentally broke the TV, but like any good friend would, he replaced the broken TV with a new one.


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