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Guy Gets Arrested After Taking Marijuana Orders on Facebook Live

Of the many stupid things a person can do on Facebook Live, committing a felony is probably near the top of the list. And that's exactly what Milwaukee prosecutors accuse a man of doing.

The Milwaukee District Attorney's Office filed charges against a 20-year-old man for arranging marijuana deals while streaming on Facebook Live. According to court documents, the man recorded himself having conversations about cannabis deals and also told them to call his cell phone during a 40-minute broadcast on Facebook Live. The police arrested the man last week at his home and found marijuana in his possession, although he claims it was for personal use only. The man's been charged four counts of marijuana manufacturing and distribution and four weapons charges. 

We have so many questions for this guy. Did he know he was broadcasting? Does he know that people can access Facebook Live videos even after the stream ends? Did he go into the Facebook Live knowing he was going to be making the drug deals or did that just happen during the course of the broadcast? And why 40 minutes? Did he want to make sure the police had more than enough evidence to put him away?

Take this as a lesson kid: Don't illegally sell drugs while livestreaming on the world's most popular social media site.

(h/t The Cannabist)


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