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'A Weapon Like This Is Not Acceptable In Today's Society,' Gun Owner Says Before Destroying His Assault Rifle

Scott Pappalardo literally wears his love of guns on his sleeve. Years ago, he had the words of the Second Amendment tattooed on his arm to show his support for the Constitution. But the recent shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida has made him rethink his stance on gun control.

"Is the right to own this weapon more important than someone's life — a weapon like this that can cause so much death and destruction?" he asked in a video posted to his Facebook profile. "Look at the pictures of those victims. Is that right more important? I don't think so. So I'm gonna make sure that can't happen with my weapon," he added before destroying his AR-15 assault rifle.

"The barrel of this gun will never be pointed at someone," he added. "I'm gonna make sure this weapon will never be able to take a life."

Check out Pappalardo's full explanation for destroying his weapon in the clip below, which includes a rebuttal to anyone who still defends the rights of legal gun owners after Nikolas Cruz gunned down 17 people in Florida last Wednesday.

"Until the other day, Nikolas Cruz was a legal gun owner," Papplardo noted. "Quite frankly, any legal gun owner is capable of snapping and committing a horrific crime."



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