5 Cannabis Advocates We'd Like to See at the State of the Union

Tonight is President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, which will probably be generic as Trump reads off a teleprompter and struggles not to bring up Fake News or Hillary Clinton while pretending to understand what he’s talking about. Trump will probably not mention marijuana, considering he’s remained virtually silent on the issue since taking office last year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine some guests we’d like to see Trump run into at the State of the Union.

Here are five people we’d like to see at the state of the Union.

5. Weldon Angelos

Weldon Angelos was originally sentenced to 55 years in prison for selling marijuana to a police informant. That’s right, 55 YEARS! He actually served 12 of them before a court decided to reduce his sentence. He now goes around the country talking about his time in prison and our country’s ridiculous drug laws. He’d actually probably be the least corrupt person in that audience.

4. Charlotte Figi

Charlotte Figi is a little girl who’s become the face for medical marijuana. She suffers from a condition that causes severe seizures, and the only way she’s able to prevent them is using CBD oil. Her story has inspired many to support the cause, and she’s also the inspiration for the “Charlotte’s Web” marijuana strain. Would a Republican be willing to tell her why they think she doesn’t deserve her medicine?

3. Coltyn Turner

A few years ago Coltyn Turner went viral for calling out then-DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg for calling medical marijuana a joke. Turner takes cannabis oil four times a day to help treat his Crohn’s disease, and he asked Rosenberg if he was a joke for using the drug to stay alive. Considering many in the audience for the State of the Union say marijuana has no medical benefit, Turner could confront a few more people.

2. Nick Etten

President Trump likes to pretend that he’s pro-veterans despite virtually no evidence that he’s done anything to help them. So how would he react if he were called out by former Navy SEAL Nick Etten, who’s criticized the Trump administration for their marijuana policies? We’re guessing he wouldn’t be able to come up with a response.

1. Alexis Bortell

Alexis Bortell is the 11-year-old girl suing U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the federal government for keeping marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic. Bortell needs to use cannabis in order to help treat a seizure disorder that she has, and was forced to move to Colorado to receive it. If anything it would be nice to see Sessions squirm.


Few other entrepreneurs in the cannabis space have their hands in quite as many ventures as Lorne Gertner. Currently dubbed the "godfather of the Canadian cannabis industry," Gertner told Civilized, "If we could live through normalization, we could change the world." Hailing from the fashion industry, this Toronto native says he's on a mission to "make the world a better place through cannabis and design excellence." The only catch is, well, normalizing cannabis — and that's where Gertner's keen eye for style comes in. "In the old days, you were going to be different or you were going to be normal," said Thom Antonio, Gertner's friend, creative director, and collaborator of 35 years.

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