Guard Caught Sneaking Marijuana Into Prison Via Subway Sandwich

Zaquana Hampton - a former guard at a Georgia prison - has found herself on the other side of the law after getting caught in the act of smuggling nearly 12 ounces of marijuana inside of a Subway sandwich. Cameras at the Augusta State Medical Prison captured the entire incident, which took place in June of 2017. 

The bundle was certainly not your typical Subway menu item. The marijuana was found wrapped in duct tape and covered with lettuce and onions, which gave Hampton away as she tried to pass through the prison’s inspection station. The inspection officer became suspicious of her sandwich after detecting the strong odor of onions. Apparently, Hampton believed that the smell of cannabis could be masked by the pungent vegetables as well as Subway’s naturally strong scent.

After getting caught, Hampton confessed that she had smuggled the drug into the prison after a former inmate threatened to shoot up her home, where she lived with her child. The inmate, according to the Department of Corrections investigation report, was a member of the deadly street gang known as the "Gangster Disciples".

Hampton could have faced serious jail time for the offence, but she was instead sentenced to five years on probation under Georgia’s First Offender Act earlier this month. 

And she isn't the only person who's tried to sneak marijuana into a Georgia prison. Prison officials said dealing with visitors and employees smuggling drugs, cellphones and contraband into Georgia’s correction facilities is an “ongoing challenge.” 

h/t Columbus Dispatch


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