More and more American universities are offering classes focusing on cannabis.

Institutions like University of Vermont, Ohio State University and the University of California, Davis now offer a syllabus on the “biology and use of marijuana as well as legal issues around it.”

In most cases, cannabis class is far from a bird course. Students can choose whether to earn credits toward their degrees from cannabis courses or not.

Students at the University of Vermont can choose to study ‘Medical Cannabis’ at a graduate level – a course that looks at cannabis chemistry, along with its effects and therapeutic uses, as well as the “political and socio-economic influences on marijuana laws.”

At some institutions, cannabis students are even permitted to organize their own field trips to dispensaries.

“Educating people about the science of cannabis and the legal issues surrounding it allows people to enter the industry in a more legitimate way, equipped with real data and real knowledge, not myths,” cannabis industry consultant Shannon Vetto told Forbes.

As for actual cannabis colleges, the U.S. currently has two: the online institution THC University and the Cannabis Training University in Denver.

h/t, Forbes