Does Grover from 'Sesame Street' Drop an F-Bomb in This Clip?

Sesame Street is the iconic children's show that everyone has seen. But apparently we may need to start preventing children from watching it.

A Twitter user named Arturas Kerelis recently tweeted out a clip from Sesame Street that appears to show the character Grover dropping an F-bomb. Take a look:

Twitter / Account Suspended

Now, as Kerelis points out in his tweet, Grover is actually saying, "That sounds like an excellent idea," and not, "That's a f****** excellent idea!" But man, it really does sound like he's dropping a F-bomb, doesn't it?

Perhaps this is just another example of that whole Yanny vs. Laurel sound clip from earlier this year. 

These are the kinds of debates the internet is meant to have.


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