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Newly Launched Website Will Host In-Depth Financial Reporting on Marijuana Industry

There are several outlets that cover the major trends and stories of the financial world. However, there's definitely a gap in coverage over the major economic trends in the marijuana industry. But a new website is hoping to change that.

Yesterday, a new website focusing on financial stories in the cannabis industry launched called Green Market Report. The goal of the platform is to act as a hub for all news surrounding finance, economics and business for the marijuana industry. The founders behind the site realized there was a lack of information on these topics, and saw this as an opportunity to create one easy-to-access central location for all these stories.

"After years of personally scouring multiple websites in order to find the key financial stories in the cannabis industry, I realized an opportunity existed to create a central, credible news source for cannabis investors and industry insiders alike," said Debra Borchardt, Co-founder and CEO of Green Market Report. "I am looking forward to leading an ethical publication and building a brand that will lead the central news platform for industry wide institutional expansion managing the headlines for the globe's next emerging agricultural commodity."

Green Market Report hopes to be "the central media platform for all financial matters, consumer behavior, public companies, market trends and indices." Topics that will be covered on the site include banking, cultivation, cannabis stock prices and wholesale cannabis prices. The site will also include market analytics on the marijuana industry from various financial firms that specialize in the industry. They're also planning a weekly video series called "Marijuana Money" that will summarize all the latest and most important news in the cannabis industry. 

Any investors, shareholders, cultivators or anyone else in the marijuana industry who's encountered difficulties searching for important news surrounding the business of cannabis will finally have an outlet they can find anything they need.  


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