'Grass is Greener' is Netflix's New Hip-Hop Driven Weed Documentary Airing on 4/20

Netflix's latest documentary centers on the the racist history of marijuana policing, and pot's influence on American art and culture.

Hip-hop icon and cannabis advocate Fab 5 Freddy makes his directorial debut with his new documentary 'Grass is Greener.' In the movie Freddy traces the history of marijuana in America back from it's popular acceptance to the early days of the War on Drugs. Featuring a host of interviews from musical icons Snoop Dogg, B-Real and Killer Mike as well as experts on America's troubled history with cannabis, 'Grass is Greener' promises to show both the racism and creativity that has surrounded cannabis culture since its early days.

You can check out the trailer below and catch the full move on Netflix come 4/20.


It costs an average of $4,000 for police to bring someone up on cannabis changes - but it could run the defendant as much as $20,000 to fight the case. It's no secret that a lot of taxpayer money is wasted each year on enforcing unjust marijuana laws. By some estimates, as much as $3.6 billion is spent every year arresting some 820,000 Americans on cannabis-related charges.

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