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Here's How 'Grannies For Grass' Got Its Start

Each week, Civilized invites cannabis professionals, activists, and others to tell their stories in their own words. This essay comes from Michael Dussault-Jensen, the co-founder of Grannies For Grass, an international community of grandparents that supports the use of cannabis. He lives in Keremeos, British Columbia.

Well, there's a story here. Back a few years ago, 2010 to be exact, we started making hemp jewelry and marketing our stuff at little farmer's markets in British Columbia. We had a successful year and as we sat in the living room with my mother waiting for supper to cook one evening my mother says to me, "Michael, you two should name your business." I thought, "Sure, why not?"

What she had in mind would change our lives to, a large degree, forever.

"Grannies For Grass" was the name dear old Mom came up with and so it stuck. My wife Diane created a banner for us and we had our company name placed on the van for advertising purposes.

Well now, it sure didn't take long and people started asking us about cannabis and hemp on a regular basis. No matter what town or city we were in, we had many elderly people coming and sharing their personal stories of granny's stash and how they liked "their medicine."

Cannabis helps me and people I know treat illnesses

It was a fantastic thing for me to see, as I had battled the ridiculous monster prohibition - at that time for over 20 years. Having joined NORML in the 70s and having helped people dying of cancer by sourcing cannabis for them to use while in treatment, it was a large part of my life. In my own life, I had been diagnosed with a serious spinal disease of which I learned that cannabis would be of great assistance in dealing with the pains and aches of my problems.

So, Grannies For Grass continued as such for a year or so and we started a group for others to join. At this point, we decided we wanted to just use grannies to advocate for the thousands if not millions of people that are grandparents whom can use cannabis and hemp to help with the pains of growing older.

I myself am a grandfather of four. We decided to take our crafting business out of the Grannies equation, and Grannies For Grass became the advocacy group we have now.

Grannies for Grass in all states, provinces

As time has gone forward and we have been growing we have brought on a team of wonderful people led by Ms. Maryjane Bunker of Michigan. Grannies now has a chapter/group in every state and province as well as territories. With new chapters in Denmark and South Africa we hope to grow to have chapters around the planet to promote unity and accurate education about cannabis and hemp. That's a total of 70 chapters worldwide.

Grannies works with Dads for Marijuana International, The International Women's Cannabis Coalition as well as many other cannabis advocacy groups globally to promote the unity and knowledge needed to make changes to the society in general on a world wide stage.

I hope this has been a useful introduction to Grannies for Grass International and I ask that all please take a moment to check out our website in the near future. We are constantly working to change and upgrade to give the most up-to-date information possible.

It may only be a plant, but it's an important one.

Peace to All,

Grannies For Grass


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