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Governors Openly Criticize Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Policies

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is no fan of marijuana. But he recently escalated his personal war on cannabis by sending threatening letters to the governors of states with legal weed. Unfortunately for him, the governors hit right back.

First, Alaska Governor Bill Walker and Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth defended supporting the will of the voters in a letter sent back to Sessions. They also noted that a 2015 drug report from the Alaskan state troopers that Sessions' cited as evidence of the problems with legalized marijuana was irrelevant because the state didn't enact the law until 2016. They then said they believe marijuana should remain an issue implemented and regulated by the states and for the Attorney General to stay out of their business.

Likewise, Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson wrote a letter defending their state's laws. They also pointed out that a 2016 marijuana report cited by Sessions made "a number of allegations that are outdated, incorrect, or based on incomplete information." They said that Sessions didn't make a distinction between marijuana sales that were legal and those that were illegal, and said he "implies that state-legal marijuana activity is responsible for harms actually caused by illegal marijuana activity." For instance, Sessions mentioned that more than a dozen THC extraction labs exploded in the state, but failed to point out that none of those labs were operating legally with a state license. They also attached a June report from the Washington Liquor and Cannabis board that found that legalized marijuana has protected public health and safety.

At some point, Sessions will figure out that his anti-marijuana campaign is facing too much resistance to possibly go through with. But then again, the Trump administration has hardly been a beacon of logical and practical behavior, so maybe not.


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