The U.S. Government Is Offering You $1,000 to Go to the Gym

A lot of people need motivation to work out, so now the United States government is offering a really big incentive to go to the gym in the form of $1,000.

Missouri Congressman Jason Smith introduced a new bill this week called the Personal Health Investment Today, or "PHIT" Act, that will give people $1,000 for going to the gym. Well, sort of. Under current U.S. tax law, people are allowed to deduct their medical expenses that insurance did not cover. Smith's bill would amend the tax law to also allow people to include deductions for gym memberships, fitness equipment or participation/instruction in a physical activity or exercise. 

The cap on the fitness-related tax deductions would be $1,000 for a married couple, or $500 for a single person. 

Hypothetically, you could just buy a gym membership in order to claim it on your taxes, and you could get the deduction whether or not you actually go. Unless the IRS is going to hire people to start going undercover at gyms around the country.

Unfortunately the bill would not consider "golf" as an exercise, or allow people to use a membership at a golf course as part of the deduction. That probably means Donald Trump will veto this bill until they include it.

(h/t Forbes)


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