Gov. Lamont Predicts When Cannabis Will be Legalized in Connecticut

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont (D) says cannabis legalization will be coming to the The Constitution State before the end of the year.

Recreational cannabis legalization has made big strides in New England over the past year. Recreational cannabis is now legal for adult use in Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont, and the cannabis legalization bill currently making its way through the New Hampshire legislature seems poised for success. This makes Rhode Island and Connecticut the only states in the region that haven't made any big pushes towards legalization.

However, things look like they're beginning to change. Lawmakers in both Connecticut and Rhode Island have previously stated that the growing number of legal states in their region have made them consider moving on the issue. Now Connecticut's Gov. Lamont says those changes could becoming to these neighboring states by the end of 2019.

"I'm talking to Gov. Gina Raimondo in Rhode Island," Lamont told Hartford Courant. "I'm saying, 'Let's do something like this on a regional basis.'"

He's also working with local politicians and concerned residents to make sure Connecticut does legalization right.

"The bill is going to come out of the legislature. I'm going to make sure it's something that parents will have confidence that this is the right thing to do."

In fact, a cannabis legalization bill is already on its way through the Connecticut legislature. The bill is currently awaiting a vote by the state Judiciary Committee.

"I think it's the right thing for the state, and that's why I'm going to support it, and put my shoulder to the wheel to get it done," Lamont said.

If both Connecticut and Rhode Island legalize cannabis this year, that would make New England the first region in America to repeal prohibition in every state. And the Northeast will only get greener next year if New Jersey and New York manage to pass their bills to legalize recreational cannabis.


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