GOP Congressman Trying to Allow Marijuana Users to Buy Guns

Even in states where marijuana is legal, choosing to use cannabis can lead to someone losing privileges and rights in other aspects of their life. One of the most common rights people use is the right to purchase a gun. But one Republican is attempting to change that.

Republican Congressman Thomas Massie from Kentucky says he plans to introduce a bill next year that will allow marijuana users in legal states to purchase firearms. Currently, people who want to buy a gun need to fill out a form called the 4473. One of the questions in the 4473 asks if the person trying to buy the gun uses "marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug or any other controlled substance." If a person answers yes, they will be denied their firearm even if they live in a legal state. Alternatively, they could lie and say no, but if the federal government finds out that happened they could get into legal trouble.

Massie's bill would remove the marijuana question from the 4473 form, and would also make it legal for marijuana users to possess firearms in their home. 

In an interview with Marijuana Moment, Massie also discussed the GOP's failure to address marijuana over the past two years. He said it was a mistake for Republicans not to support marijuana as a states' rights issue, and even said he believes it's possible his party would still hold a majority in the House of Representatives if it had passed marijuana-related legislation the past two years.

Let's hope they learn their lesson in the future.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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