'There’s A Lot Of Room In The Industry To Do Things Better': Meet The Team From Good And Green

Jeanette VanderMarel, co-founder of The Green Organic Dutchman, has co-founded a new cannabis production company called Good & Green, which expects to be licensed in July.

VanderMarel, the company’s President, explains that “Good & Green is committed to both social responsibility as well as the production of high quality, consistent and homogeneous cannabis and cannabis products.” She adds, “doing good is at the core of our company’s values – from the customers we serve, the employees we employ to the communities we are a part of.”

Good & Green has a focus on diversity and has demonstrated a commitment to championing women in senior roles both in management and on the board. The company has committed to a gender balanced board.

VanderMarel has a deep personal connection to the possibilities of cannabis. Her daughter Breanne suffered from Dravet syndrome, a rare form of severe epilepsy. “My experience with Breanne as well as working as a critical care and paediatric intensive care unit nurse showed me, at an early stage, the significant ways in which cannabis could improve people’s lives.

VanderMarel has partnered with Daniel Goldberg. Goldberg, Good & Green’s CEO, formerly with PharmaCan (now Cronos Group) and has an extensive investment banking background, previously working with CIBC, National Bank and Macquarie. “Jeannette has been an early entrepreneur and thought leader in the cannabis industry, one of the best cultivators around, a long-time friend and now, the perfect business partner,” explained Goldberg.

To differentiate itself, Good & Green is harnessing the unique expertise of its extensive array of strategic partnerships. As Goldberg explains, “our strategic partners share a similar vision and discipline and are best-in-class companies in their respective sectors who will further strengthen our core competencies with industry leading capabilities.” Good & Green’s first partnership is with Conviron, a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of controlled environment systems. Last week, Good & Green announced its second partnership with Crowns Creative in connection with the creation of LOUD, a lifestyle platform at the intersection of culture, technology and cannabis.

What are the next steps for Good & Green? “We are building a blue chip, differentiated company, with an exceptional team and strategic partners” VanderMarel explains. As part of that, the company recently announced a $10 million equity financing which will be used in part to continue the build out of their state of the art 46,000 square facility in Brantford, Ontario.

“There’s a lot of room in the industry to do things better,” says VanderMarel. It looks like Good & Green is doing just that.


Bernadette McCready, 42, of Airdrie, Scotland, said she was prevented from accessing vital health services once she revealed her cannabis use. McCready had gone to the Royal Alexandra Hospital last June for a surgery. However, physicians told her she needed to leave after she disclosed she had been using cannabis oil to help treat symptoms related to a hysterectomy she had in 2012.

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