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This Is Your Golf Game On Cannabis

A couple of beers or a double scotch before heading to the tee is par for the course for many golfers - and so, increasingly, is hitting a pipe or a vaporizer.

Back in 2011, professional golfer Robert Garrigus made waves when he told Golf Digest that he regularly uses marijuana before playing; former PGA caddie and Golf Channel announcer Michael Collins, too, confirmed in a radio interview that many professional golfers get high, and have even hotbox the occasional Porta-Potty.

Cannabis is also increasingly part of the culture at clubs from Colorado's Sonnenalp Golf Club, the California Golf Club of San Francisco, and the Allenmore Public Golf Course, where respectfully discrete smoking on the green is welcome.

Cannabis-themed golf tournaments

There are also cannabis-themed golf events. The Ricky Williams Laurel Rosebud Golf Invitational is being held today at the Omni Interlocken Golf Course in Broomfield, Colorado. It was organized in support of The Laurel Rosebud Fund, a pro-cannabis advocacy organization.

At the end of September, the Stone Creek Golf Course will host the Fore Twenty tournament in Oregon City, Oregon, to promote the cannabis industry and its leading brands

Golf Digest asks players about cannabis use

While an informal Golf Digest survey found only three percent of respondents would admit to smoking pot while playing golf, 11 percent of the 18-34 demographic reported that they do, in fact, partake - suggesting some are probably get high before playing, but maybe don't want to admit it on the internet.

Some golfers and marijuana connoisseurs say the zen-calm-effecting high could result in a better golf game - provided you time your consumption correctly, and choose the right strains.

Some may consume more than others

In an interview with Golf Digest, Weedmaps CEO Justin Hartfield, who says he "usually" plays golf while high, recommends a strain like Green Crack to kick in your energy for the first few holes, then around the fifth or sixth hole moving to a high-THC sativa like Tangie.

On the 13th or 14th hole, he suggests pulling out "something that's going to hit me in the head and that's also going to affect my body, making it looser," like the hybrid God's Gift. Finally, Hartfield suggests a switch to indica, or maybe a dab of CBD, to assuage any muscle pain toward the end of the round.

Sounds like a pretty intense day on the green: your mileage may vary. Still, there's enough anecdotal evidence, at least, to suggest that groundskeeper Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) from "Caddyshack" might've been onto something.

h/t Golf Channel, Golf Digest.


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