Golden Leaf Cannabis Is Officially Coming To Las Vegas

Sin City, meet Golden Leaf.

One of North America’s largest cannabis oil and solution providers, Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd., has been granted a license to sell its top-quality cannabis products to medical and adult-use dispensaries in Las Vegas.  

This comes in light of business licenses being granted elsewhere in Nevada: the City of Henderson and Washoe County.

“Receiving this license represents a key milestone for Golden Leaf, as we now have all the necessary licenses to fully capitalize on the Nevada opportunity,” said William Simpson, Golden Leaf CEO.

Simpson points out that Las Vegas is the tourist capital of the U.S., reporting a record 43 million tourists and its highest level of visitor spending on record in 2016.

“We plan to make our initial deliveries in the city of Las Vegas next week and are looking forward to introducing our portfolio of leading cannabis brands to the large medical and adult-use markets across Nevada,” he said. 

"Successfully penetrating these large markets is a pivotal component of our growth strategy to expand into large markets beyond our core Oregon market.”

In September, the company announced it had secured a business license to sell into the adult-use market in the city of Sparks, Nevada. In March, the company acquired a state-wide cultivation and extraction license in Nevada.

Nevada voted to legalize recreational cannabis last November. 


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