420 Ways For Cannabis Consumers To Celebrate An Active and Healthy Lifestyle

The traditional image of 4/20 celebrations - amongst non-consumers and consumers alike - is of public gatherings of people, mostly lazing about smoking joints and celebrating cannabis culture and promoting legalization. hmbldt, producers of popular vape pens, is trying to change that perception with its new campaign, GO420.

The folks at hmbldt want people to see cannabis consumers as healthy and active people. "It's the cannabis holiday, a day to honor the healing powers of the plant. It's also the healthiest day of the year. And we're on a mission to prove it."

To that end they're promoting 420 ways to celebrate 4/20. Here's a sampling:

  • 248/420: Go get away from all your screens
  • 249/420: Go meditate for ten minutes
  • 389/420: Go make a new friend
  • 390/420: Go listen to live music
  • 44/420: Go dive in the ocean


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